Hi Everyone, I’m putting together a video montage of ‘Wimbledon Life in Lockdown’ this week. If you have a photo on your camera roll that you think symbolises lockdown life in Wimbledon and are happy to share it with me, please could you send it? It would really help tell the true story of Wimbledon in lockdown. I’ll be sharing the video on Nextdoor in a week or so.

Specifically I’m looking for: 

One or two photos that symbolise lockdown life in Wimbledon for you. It might be people, objects, outside, inside, anything you can think of!


A video of you saying just a couple of sentences on your experience of lockdown in Wimbledon. You could talk about the things you like, the things you can’t wait to do when it’s over, people you want to thank or just how you’re feeling. 

Email them to and I’ll put it together shortly.

By sending them through you are giving me consent to store, process and include them in the video. They won’t be shared with anyone else other than as part of the ‘Wimbledon Life in Lockdown’ video.

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